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How many Videos are viewed on the net every month?

As announced on December 2007, Nielsen Netratings started to monitor video advertising. They don’t just count page views because Nilesen mark every video content with a special watermark. That’s probably the only way to obtain reliable measurement.
Don’t surprise that Youtube leads the ranking with over 2Ml and half video per month.
Something more interesting is that Yahoo! and Fox are really similar in terms of pageviews and users even if Fox is a Tv Channel and they can easily earn new users through Tv call to visit their web site done during Tv shows.
Honestly what surprise me is the number of video viewed on Web sites dedicated to kids, like Nickelodeon (Viacom), Disney and Turner (owner of Cartoon Network and Boomerang). That should say something to companies intersted to advertise products for kids or to their parents.
What else? nothing interesting now, waiting for Hulu.com
Here the official Nielsen Netrating table for January: (click here to read Nielsen’s official press release)

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