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Audi Q5 – Perfectly Synchronised

People, technology, perfect example of synchronicity… 

Marco Spier and Eben Mears from Psyop explain the creative process behind the advertisement…
“First we explored many different ways of creating dimension. We talked to our choreographer to find ways to throw people in the air, to create human pyramids and synchronous summersaults. It was important that everything could actually be created by people. The scene had to feel human. We wanted to shoot as much as we could in order to blur the line between real and CG.

The idea of acrobatic engineers fit nicely with the perfect synchronization of the Audi Q5 and for us illustrated the concept of thinking outside the box. It explored new ways to demonstrate Audi’s incredible performance capabilities. These are engineers who literally do the impossible by working together to form the shapes, images, and finally the Q5.

This spot pushes the idea of people working in synchronicity to the next level, surprising the viewer with methods that are on the edge of impossible, or in moments even beyond.

To further support the idea, we thought it was important to understand, that this is an actual show set on a very big theatrical stage. We wanted to create the illusion, that this is something that was created and performed through huge effort and scale. So the design became a process of landscapes that could be created in a real theater space.”


The Synchronized concept was developed at Heimat, Berlin, by creative director Guido Heffels, creative team Nico Ronacher, Tim Schneider, Till Eckel, planners Andreas Mengele, Sebastian Marx, and account supervisor Frank Ricken. Filming was produced at Tempomedia, Stink, Berlin, and Psyop, New York, by executive producers Vera Portz (Tempomedia), Nils Schwemer (Stink)‚ Boo Wong (Psyop), and producers Gunnar Meyer (Tempomedia), Susanne Ehlers (Stink), Jen Glabus (Psyop).

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