Augmented Reality

I heard some people speaking about Augmented reality… since i’m really curious and “new media passionate”, i decide to go deep on that and i’ve found what follows:
or: it’s a space that involves an interactive experience that features a real-time merge between live video flow and a digital or synthetic element. In the case of Total Immersion’s Topps project (see video below), it means a 3D baseball player appears standing on a baseball card users hold up to their webcam. Other AR requires a specific visual marker like a QR code, printed out from your computer, that users hold up to cue up the technology. here an example of AR on Mobile:

imagine what new “Project Natal” apps for Xbox 360 could do if used together to Augmented reality… here you are an example:

and, last but not list, the promised Total Immersion’s Topps project:
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