Adoro Waze! cos’è? scoprilo qui e…addio traffico!

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Class of 2011: If Social Media were a High School

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Mobile Video Inventory Now Far Exceeds Demand

Contrary to popular belief, mobile video inventory is now far outstripping the demand from advertisers — and many players in the ecosystem have an incentive to present mobile inventory as being constrained. (BrightRoll noticed a similar dynamic as the online video advertising business matured.) Well, the jig is up.
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Funny Ads

Funny ads are ever apprecciate and become quickly well known even when not strongly promoted by huge advertising investments. What’s the recipe for this success? not so easy to say but if there’s something that increase the interest that people put on an ads..for sure is sex. Look at these examples..

Why work doesn’t happen at work

Investors run away from RIM

My personal opinion is that RIM will be The NeXT to come to Windows Phone 7 OS, as Nokia recently have done:

What’s the future for RIM?

This post is not based on any rumor but just on my opinion that if RIM (Research In Motion) will fail the “tablet opportunity”, situation will go really serious. Look at the following data from Nielsen Blog… do you think could we speak of decline?

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